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The Intersection by The Signal will have one originally reported story, in-depth analysis, or the occasional interview. The newsletter will explore themes at the intersections of business, technology, policy, and society. It will hit your inboxes at 10 am, every Saturday. And yes, it’s free.

The island nation’s nearly century-old healthcare system, which was nearing universal coverage, is unravelling
Adoption of EVs is constrained by the lack of an after-sales service network
How the Ethereum Merge and crypto downturn affected the fortunes of India’s small-town entrepreneurs
Making sense of long distance food delivery
The late economist, Abhijit Sen, tried to help reform India’s farm to fork policies. It remains unfinished business. If unchanged, the dining tables of…
Pickleball has a unique problem in India (and the world): too many cooks in the kitchen
Hello readers, many of you would be looking forward to the mid-August back-to-back long weekends to have a short vacation. So are we. The Signal team…
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