The Playbook

A weekly newsletter that deconstructs the business of sport and gaming, written by Jaideep Vaidya.

The contract for the Indian cricket team’s official kit partnership has changed hands from Nike to MPL Sports and now to Killer Jeans in just over two…
The oil-rich state isn't paying the 37-year-old a reported $200 million per season only to kick a ball.
A look back at the major shifts in the business of sport this year
The streaming giant is releasing a behind-the-scenes documentary series on tennis, modelled on the popular ‘Formula One: Drive to Survive’.
The Indian cricket star switched from one wearables technology brand to another in a gap of just a year
Several factors over the last 18 months have led to the owners of top European football clubs considering either selling a minority stake or an outright…
Users encountered several technical glitches while watching World Cup matches. The streaming platform is in a race against time to fix them ahead of the…
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