What the microfinance industry tells us about rural India and the grassroots economy
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What the rebranding as Coke Studio Bharat tells us about marketing and the non-film music business in India

February 2023

With subscribers lost, IPL gone, HBO content soon leaving, and a mid-match tech mishap, Hotstar seems to be on shaky ground. What’s next for the…
Brown University professor Ashutosh Varshney says international capital market scrutiny of Indian companies will intensify
A mercury-spiked sample of the spice, paththar ke phool (stone flower), gave enough ammo to put a multibillion-dollar conglomerate in the dock

January 2023

Indian states will not like what Budget 2023 may have in store for them
An ambitious public platform hopes to dramatically increase access to formal credit to informal businesses.
The cricket-scoring app has gone from being a platform for grassroots players to democratising the sport itself.

December 2022

What to expect in 2023
It's a cocktail you will savour
Nightlife isn’t so much about extending curfews as it is about urban design.