Sitemap - 2021 - The Signal

Facebook Papers, quick delivery, crypto and more

When the ground shifted

In equities we trust

All in the family

Masks, uncertainty and Omicron

The Year That Was - 2021

The year that was

Work Week Is Shrinking But Not The Hours

Metaverse Is Not A Safe Zone

The Rupee is in trouble

WeWork India Is Profitable

TikTok Wants To Serve Viral Meals

What justifies ultrafast delivery?

Out Of The Maw Of Bankruptcy

Wall St eyes discount sale in China

Tata Wants A Piece Of The Cosmetics Pie

Age Is Catching Up, Globally

Bitcoins are running out

Power Lines > Satellites

Internet’s on the wire

Let's Go With Lego

Robots take over Korea

Consequence of sound

No Smokes For Young Kiwis

SpiceJet Faces Financial Turbulence

China’s gone stealth

Small IPOs Attract Rich Investors

Apple has a China secret

Alibaba And Its New Carpet Of Business

Spacs’ year of reckoning

PepsiCo And JioMart Seem To Be In Trouble

IMF says cloudy weather ahead

To dream the right dream

Apple Hopes For A Merry Christmas

HBO Is Playing A Game With You

Did you get a job?

Zoho Wants To Lead The Creator Economy

Is There An Alternative To The MBA?

The world is watching Omicron

Omicron Might Ride The Third Wave

The hits and misses of Facebook

The Tale Of Two Companies

The virus is back

Will India Say No To Crypto?

Teams In, Zoom Out

Will Zoom end up like Skype?

D2C To The Tier-2 Moon

How Facebook jumped without a hoop

The murky crypto corner of Indian YouTube

Paytm Misses The Sweet Spot

Paytm wakes up the bears

ShowReel > LinkedIn + TikTok?

Bitcoin may not be currency

Is India The Backup Plan?

Let's Ride A Vogo?

MBAs need to cram again

COP26 - The World Is Feeling The Heat

Erdogan miffed at Modi 

Will Ambani's promise be like Tata's?

RBI vs The Crypto Traders

Alibaba has a broken heart

The Tale Of Two IPOs

Aviation Has Hit Turbulence

Myntra And Elon Have $6 Billion Reasons To Sell

Twitter tells Elon Musk to sell Tesla shares

Ambani family sets up home in London

Microsoft heads to metaverse

Who Will Build The Metaverse?

Has Facebook left a backdoor ajar?

The Meme Coin Frenzy

Inject Dune into our veins

New Game, Same Company

Sequoia changes the game

What Meta (formerly Facebook) Knew About India

Is Snapchat The New TikTok?

LinkedIn wants to change. Finally

Apple Bites To Dust?

Zomato’s dash for cash

Tesla's Trillion Dollar Adventure

Noobs are in trouble

Whose Match Is It Anyway?

Private equity comes to IPL

Not A Match Made In Heaven

What Facebook did not do in India

Tinder is coming to town

Pinterest May Get A Pal

BITO Makes A Grand Entrance

No more Facebook

No In For Covaxin

Did Jeff Bezos lie to Congress?

Apple: Mo Money, No Problems

Snapping at TikTok

Swiggy Goes Social

The Epic Battle With Google And Apple

You ready for Fortnite the film?

Yes Bank Says No To DishTV

Youtube wants to be Spotify

Air India To Tata: I am coming home

The world is worried. Very worried

Guns, goons, and insurance

A New-Castle For Saudi Arabia

Missing the democratic republic of TikTok

Coal Is Crashing Down In India

IL&FS dominoes are still falling

Licious Meats The Unicorn

There is gravy in meat

India's Going Dark

Brace for blackouts

The Big IPL fight

Covid may be licked soon

Indian women less affected by toxic Instagram

Google Is Using Its Zoom Lens

Nintendo’s stuck in HD

Netflix And Its Game Plans

Swiggy Got The Gig

Who has Swiggy gotten in bed with?

India Is Waiting To Get A Chip On Her Shoulder

Have Lawmakers Found The Smoking Gun Against Big Tech?

Why an RSS affiliate is building Kerala’s largest supermarket chain

UAE Is Washing Its Hands Off Oil

Dubai wants to be sexy

Facebook Doesn’t Want to Face The Music

Has Uber arrived?

Jet Set But Nowhere To Go

You are getting a hike

Everybody's watching Netflix. So are the Emmys.

The Signal Daily Is Here

The Signal Daily Is Here

Did India buy Windows hack from US co?

The art market is changing colour

MPL is king

Toxic Insta hides the fact

Biden's gift to Indians

Shades of ads

Epic fight ends in a draw, sort of

India cannot afford a stock market crash

Twitter is pivoting

Swipe for love and an apartment

Jeff Bezos wants to live forever

Nationalists cross with Infy

Crypto is worthless

Turn off your VPN

Tesla has new friends now

Is Facebook a country or a platform?

Milkshakes bring the boys to the yard

The crossover you never saw coming

Pizza wins the pandemic

Facebook has messed up again

Indian crypto dream on edge

Facebook pivots to privacy

PV Sindhu hates your tweet

India is Apple’s secret weapon

The Google-Facebook cartel

The Signal is now on Substack

Where does PolicyBazaar go now?

Lipstick makers have a ball

Silicon Valley Is Going Under

A cloud hangs over Amazon

The way you pay won’t be the same

YouTube is not Short on SimSim

Who rides this Pegasus?

Netflix has eyes for your kids

Netflix is Alive

There can be just one Hero

Microsoft is building a $500M firewall

Apple wants to play ball

Our property is getting seized

Didi Chuxing: The last of its kind

How big are Jassy’s boots at Amazon?

Google Has a Race Issue

Instagram has TikTok fever

What connects Messi, Serena and Tom Brady?

TikTok is still king

The biggest crossover since Avengers

Facebook’s in the middle of a fight again

Microsoft knows a trick

Too many influencers on Instagram

Amazon-MGM on pause?

Tata tags in Airtel

No more flash sales

Tiger has the hots for India

Insta now has oil-fluencers

The RBI should be nervous. Very nervous.

Netflix = 4 bags of popcorn

Amazon Sports is on now

iOS as a social media platform

Google has a secret rival

SBI’s choice: BlackRock or black gold

Softbank to Flipkart: You up?