Sitemap - 2023 - The Signal

Crystal ball, 2024

The best from our stable

Take guard, lots teed up for 2024

2024: The Year of Niches, Mergers, and Rules

It’s a wonderful year for a moon dance

G.I. Woe

This town is a Tata town

IMF bowls a floater to RBI

SpiceJet springs a surprise

Shalom Haryana, Namaste Israel

Things are looking up for The Don

Boulevard of broken dreams

Zombies are for all seasons

Zomato wants to cater to you

Dunno about Dunzo

Swimming in oil, rolling in dough

State victories give Modi a head start for 2024

Adani’s boat is rising again

Workaholics' dream gadget

Phase out? Absolutely not

Apple model for Zara, H&M

Newbie IIM-M places with flying colours

ChatGPT, one year on

Bad things come in threes

School’s over for Huawei

A new challenger takes charge

Moonshot hits pay dirt

Cop28: Follow the money

Indonesia’s Punjabi fix

Hell’s kitchen

Censor and sensibility

Nadella’s checkmate

2003. 2023. Same guy

Biden’s folly, Xi’s boon

A takeover as sticky as honey

A country for old men

Is this the end of the smartphone?

Record car sales are a mirage

MBA? Meh.

Zomato’s burden of loyalty

Saudis are coming for IPL

Will Gaza jeopardise India's energy resilience?

AI will write saas-bahu serials now

How Captain Cool rescued India Cements

BigBasket gets the gig right (almost)

The golden days of IT hiring are over

Rapido’s cab twist

Will Xi ping Biden?

Wanted: someone to foot the bill

Sun and sand (and a laptop)

Star's new Colors

Meter down for public transport

Disney's century of manufactured magic

Against the rising son

Victoria’s open secret

We are back!

Supreme disappointment

GPS loses its bearings

Unmasking Banksy

Your memory won’t serve you well

RIP passwords?

Why fintechs ❤️ banks

Summer of discontent

Disney’s Indian yard sale

Beauty and the beast

Is Reality TV Losing Its Charm in India?

The think tank that Kant

Asian Games Medals for E-sports

A taxing game is on

Ad-Free Future for Social Media?

Unlocking Godrej

#Replug | Big Fat Indian Weddings Are Embracing Inclusivity

Anil Agarwal Breaks Up Vedanta into Six Companies

Hindi hindrance

A lunar rock opera

#Replug | India's Pickling it Up

Indians are Salty

Token of depreciation

ChatGPT has Found its Voice

Gettyng AI free and right

Humans of Bombay is Suing People of India

Walking on gourmet eggshells

AI is Coming for Your Beloved Windows

Captain crunch

Southern mojo

India-Canada Relations Hit Rock Bottom

Anything for Alexa

Does Sleep Tracking Rob Your Sleep?

Ambani’s loss, Adani’s gain

#Replug| What’s Brining Global Beauty Brands to India?

Big, Fat Banks Team Up to Dethrone Apple

Property baron turns gym bro

Kerala Battles Nipah Yet Again

Auto correct

The struggle to be counted as disabled

The Fault in Our 4-Lane Highways

Hospitals are in the pink of health

iPhone’s USB Type-C Era is Here

BYJU’S drowns in pancake mix

ChatGPT has a Drinking Problem

Not so smart BluSmart

Why is the US Dragging Google to Court?

When David swallows Goliath

What Went Down During the G20 Weekend?

Ambani wants to make chips now

Fake it till you make it

#Replug | When Machines Play Doctor

Boozy Beetles Go Car-Munching in India

A Torrent for Cipla

China Amps Up Semiconductor Play

Chaos at IIM-C

Will Cricket Join the Olympics?

Lightning pains

Goyal's Grounded

India makes hay while the sun shines

RBI should be addressing people, not markets: JR Varma

Adani Can't Catch A Break

The snoopy show

#Replug | Sting is the Secret of India's Energy?

Will There Be Another Global Healthcare Crisis?

Can Amazon turn trash to treasure?

Europe's Mission to Untangle the Web

Pile them high, sell them cheap

A lesson in profit and politics

A Song of Ice and Fire

The truth about ISRO’s cut-price budgets

Special Episode: A Lesson in Profit and Politics Ft Rajesh Jain

Apple Gets a Taste of Messi's Magic

India moonwalks into history

AI-generated Content and Copyright: A Never-ending Tango

Tears for fears

More than just BRICS in the Wall

All family, no feud

What’s up with The Sudden Moon Rush?

Full moon fever

Memories of a gentle river

Supreme Court Takes a "Woke" Turn

High hanging fruit

Saudi Arabia’s Wet Football Dreams

Driven to despair

Is Musk Not Ready for the “Zucker” Punch?

Branded and exiled

India's Pickling It Up

The paying few are fewer now

The India story flies on Icarus’ wings

WeCrashed Again?

Things fall apart for Disney

Micromax is Switching Lanes

WeWork may stop working

Marvel VFX Artists Assemble

Can Messi work his magic for Apple?

Zoom is Ditching WFH

SBI hawks its recycle bin

India Puts the Brake on Laptop Imports

Can Apple induce a cloudburst?

Chain reaction

The New Data Bill is on the Table

A hurdle for Millennium City

Trouble in Wildlife

Adani’s Sanghi boost

India to Soon House the World's Largest Museum

The perfect date that isn’t

Musk’s Outsized Global Influence

Skyfall for BYJU’S

Sam Altman Wants to Scan our Irises

TCS hits system restore

Cricket’s Great American Dream

All over the map

The Maharaja’s Reign Has Come to an End

Farewell, king

The AI Era of Gaming Industry is Here

BYJU'S backers have had enough

Musk is Killing Twitter’s Blue Bird

Amazon dumps MX Player

Desi Otakus Assemble

Radhakishan Damani enters Indian beauty contest

A double bill to celebrate Oppenheimer and Barbie

India Gets World's Cheapest Domino's Pizza Amid Inflation

Pizza or a metro ticket?

Have Sharks Failed to Keep their Promises?

Arabian knights in power joust

The Legal Battles of Microsoft over Call of Duty

Is Dunzo done for?

Recession is Coming for Global Auction Houses

Reliance plans a baby shower

Adani Greenlit for Dharavi Redevelopment

Dharavi, brought to you by Adani

Rise of the deinfluencer

Sting is the Secret of India’s Energy?

Sting is the secret of my energy

Is Disney Divorcing Star India?

India sucks the life out of gaming

Vedanta and Foxconn’s Awkward Break-Up

Will Indians hit home runs?

Delhi Drowns in Monsoon Mayhem

Hollywood’s helping hand

PharmEasy isn’t Having it ‘Easy’

Devil and the deep blue sea

What exactly is the Global South?

TikTok Has its Eyes on E-commerce

Goodbye, middle class

Meta’s Threads is Coming For Twitter

Is PharmEasy the next BYJU’S?

Harley on a Budget, Anyone?

Harley’s back with a hero

The Hollywood Dreams of Barbie Doll

Watt a pity

How HDFC Bank Rose to the Fourth Largest Global Bank

All that glitters isn't gold

A common digital language for banks

When Machines Play Doctor

Few takers for Taj Mahal

Taylor Swift’s ‘Enchanted’ Touch on the US Economy

Drama at TCS

Is It Time To Say Bye-ju’s?

Slow, not steady

A Short-Lived Mutiny in Russia

You and me beat corporates

Psst, do you know what Apple is up to?

The Sony-Zee Merger That’s Waiting To Happen

Resignation barrage hits BYJU’S board

Mojocare — Another Indian Startup in Trouble

The ESOP tax no one knew about

Big Fat Indian Weddings Are Embracing Inclusivity

Just not dialling it up for RIL

What's Bringing Global Beauty Brands to India?

India’s beautycore era is here

Meta’s Race for Relevance

Another Sequoia company loses its mojo

How to train your bot

Why Are American CEOs Hooked On China?

The blue bird is singing without paying

A Perfect Storm’s Brewing At Goldman Sachs

Trembling flights are here to stay

Introducing TechTonic Shift

CoWIN Data Breach Unleashes Privacy Nightmare

Netflix’s final frontier

Rupees, Rubles, and a Dash of Chaos!

4G is having a Micromax moment

It’s Hotstar vs. Jio for the Cricket Crown!

Disney+Hotstar pulls a JioCinema

Saudi Arabia’s hole in one

The Tale Of Indian Fugitives On A Run

Air India’s Catch-22

Sequoia Capital’s Split Might Change The VC Game

BYJU’S desperate measures

SEC’s Lawsuit Puts Binance On The Line

Goliath will fall

Why OPEC Wants to Keep Oil Prices High

Apple's Vision goes Pro

Will Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset Gamble Pay Off?

India’s startup bad boy is at it again

Coca-Cola’s refrigerator hitch

Decoding India's GDP Growth

India’s bad medicine

Dhoni Hits It Out Of The Park On And Off The Field

Chips are down for Vedanta

China Leaps into a Space Race

Vinod Khosla Vs Tim Cook

Glance's Attempts to Unlock Screens Hit a Snag

InMobi’s Glance fails screen test

Reliance’s Move to Reign Supreme

Indian finfluencers run for cover

Can the US convince India to help it contain China?

Musk’s Murdochian Move

Tata’s limitless buffet

The Logjam Around US Debt Talks

Coughing up a national embarrassment

The Explosion That Never Happened

Sony-Zee’s merger mystery

Investors Flock to IPL's Billion-Dollar Action

Tiger Global says Halla Bol

RBI’s Farewell To The Big Bills

Meta creates a sticky situation

That sinking feeling

Who Will Inherit The Hinduja Wealth?

No tadka for this dal

The Soaring Gulf Between the Haves and Have-Nots

IndiGo’s milestone voodoo

Should You Be Taking Advice From Finfluencers?

The Asocial Network

Tik Tok’s Sweet Smuggling Scandal

Tooth be told

Vodafone Idea Just Can't Catch A Break

Welfare biscuit for filter kaapi

The judge and the bot

Is Hotstar's Cold Streak Giving Disney+ the Chills?

Industrial paintball gets underway

Pakistan’s Double Whammy: When Political Turmoil Meets Economic Crisis

The Adani ‘family’ Enterprises

Goldman Sachs Pays for Gender Wage Gap

Baba’s sis wants her share

Can ONDC Disrupt the Food Delivery Industry?

The Swiggy-Zomato killer that isn’t

Apple Enters the Webtoons Universe

How to train your dragon

America has a spies problem

Edtech's AI Nightmare: Is ChatGPT Disrupting the Industry?

Messi’s desert storm

Go First Goes Kaput

Hungry for More

First Republic Bank: Another One Bites the Dust

Go going gone

A note to readers

Twitter's Blue Tick Fiasco: Is It Driving Users to Bluesky?

Clubhouse turns farmhouse

Peeling the layers off the Indian skincare boom

JioCinema is Bringing Back HBO Shows to India

Beauty-ful bottomline

Starbucks Stirs Up The Indian Coffee Scene

Microsoft loses the game

[The Impression] Snapchat’s India Story

No Sach thing as bad publicity

The Battle For India’s Beauty Retail Throne

No Sach thing as bad publicity

Nuclear Fusion: Promising Breakthrough or Risky Investment?

PhonePe vs. Play Store

India Rules The Fantasy Sports Realm

Degrees of discontent

What’s Apple Cooking?

The Bittersweet Spike in Global Sugar Prices

Google’s parent trap

Asia is burning

Fox Pays for its Lies

Asia is burning

Short video’s musical tryst

Short video’s musical tryst

The New Drake-Weeknd Collab That Didn’t Happen

L’Oréal has skin in the game

It’s Salman Khan’s Turn to Face the Test

Coke is Thriving

Cryptocrimes: A Digital Cat and Mouse Chase

Ambani’s cash fuelled film binge

The Hindenburg diet

It’s Not HBO, It’s Max

Moving mountains

China's AI Race Hits Regulatory Roadblock

Konnichiwa, Bangladesh

Regional OTTs & ‘Finfluencers’

Regional OTTs & ‘Finfluencers’

Why is Karnataka Boiling Over Milk?

Twitter’s X factor

The Big Picture Behind India’s Tiger Count

The Sheining

Water is serious business

Water is serious business

India Doesn’t Want to Regulate AI

Reliance isn’t crying over spilt milk

Short-lived commerce

Trump's Indictment: A Legal Blow or Political Boost?

Short-lived commerce

OTT Bundles: What’s in it for me?

OTT Bundles: What’s in it for me?

US PEs flush with Saudi $$$

WWE and UFC Announce A Knockout Merger

US PEs flush with Saudi $$$

Sweet end to spicy deals

Twitter Users Don’t Care About The Blue Ticks

Sweet end to spicy deals

The Impression is here!

The Impression is here!

Wall Street cool to Biden re-run

The “Elusive” Elder Adani Draws SEBI’s Attention

Wall Street cool to Biden re-run

How Ormax made it

Google tames its own worst enemy

Disney Fires Top Marvel Executives

Google tames its own worst enemy

What is Hotstar’s Future Without HBO and IPL?

Alibaba gets a six-pack

Too cool for school

US Regulator Casts its Net Over Binance

Too cool for school

Indian NGOs Struggle To Keep The Foreign Donations Flowing

Brother bother

A Correction


Not Fair! Why Internet Archive Lost Against The Big Four in Publishing

This won’t be music to your ears

The Burning Quarter

How TikTok Took Over The US

Hindenburg strikes again

Chasing Choksi

A Deadlier Phase of Climate Change is Around the Corner

Chasing Choksi

BYJU’S zombie loans

Bitcoin Triumphs Despite Banking Turmoil

BYJU’S zombie loans

It’s Do or Die for Credit Suisse

Turmoil at TCS

Green shoots, parched roots

Xiaomi’s Budget Smartphones Lose Their Lustre

The ghosts of 2008 are haunting banks again

Pink Floyd’s Squabbling is Ruining Their Catalogue Sale

Too much of a good thing

Is Microsoft Ditching Ethics For AI Product Development?

Celeb fatigue is skin deep

Netflix seizes its India moment

Startup bank goes kaput

Campa Cola is Coming Back with The Great Indian Taste

Netflix is The Unlikely Oscar Winner

Startup bank goes kaput

Dad shoes get a glow up

Dubbing Videos is the Latest Trend For Creators

India in an aloo-pyaaz pickle

Women’s Premier League Takes The Centre Stage

Foxconn’s India burden

At Last, A Global Treaty to Protect the High Seas

Big cities, tight fists

The doing, undoing, and redoing of Coke Studio India

The doing, undoing, and redoing of Coke Studio India

Blinkit is Coming for Urban Company

Handyman delivery boy

Viacom18 vs Disney-Star: The IPL Streaming Smackdown

The heat is on

Pray to Jio to keep downloads cheap

Should Sundar Pichai Leave Google?

Pray to Jio to keep downloads cheap

Who wants to follow Powell?

Can I call a baxi please?

Who wants to follow Powell?

Nokia is Launching DIY-Friendly Smartphone

Ma gone, Paytm may get cool daddy

The shift in Hotstar’s North Star

365 Days of War With No End in Sight

Can Jio kill TV?

Blue Ticks — Tumblr Aces Where Twitter Struggles

Sinful stocks, blissful returns

Big Tech’s Protective Charm is Under Scrutiny

Now, Wikipedia Stings Adani

Meta is Launching Paid “Blue Ticks”

Zuck crafts a new subplot

Will Amazon quit playing games?

Brits vs Qataris: Battle to Buy Manchester United

Will Amazon quit playing games?

Post-Hindenburg, “another kind of scrutiny will begin”

Post-Hindenburg, “another kind of scrutiny will begin”

King consumer is hiding

Microsoft's Bing AI Is Having Emotional Outbursts

King consumer is hiding

The 90-minute chimera

Google's Privacy Sandbox Invades Privacy, But Not SO Much

The 90-minute chimera

India’s E-Pharma Has a Bitter Pill to Swallow

Mission slowdown at DRDO

Adani Group Gives Itself A Reality Check

Adani retreats, tactically

India strikes gold with lithium

India Discovers EV Gold

India strikes gold with lithium

Mercury Fever

Mercury fever

Is Disney’s Pixie Dust Wearing Off?

Hotstar turns lukewarm

Meta Expands Horizon To Teens

Nowhere to borrow

No more moonshots

AI Race Heats Up

No more moonshots

Coke Studio’s fizzy goblet

Coca-Cola Is Betting Big On Coke Studio Bharat

Coke Studio’s fizzy goblet

India plays a slick passing game

A Diplomatic Fallout Between the US and China

India plays a slick passing game

The shove to push the economy

The shove to push the economy

Samsung puts all eggs in the 2023 basket

Will Samsung Thrive In 2023?

Samsung puts all eggs in the 2023 basket

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Budget 2023

Adani empire catches fire

Birla vs. Ambani 2.0

TL;DR of Economic Survey 2023

Birla vs. Ambani 2.0

Is this India’s most mysterious company?

Pakistan is Severely Broke

Is this India’s most mysterious company?

India Khan’t get enough

The King of Bollywood Makes a Comeback and How

India Khan’t get enough

Pre-Budget signals

Pre-Budget signals

The Adani bombshell

Google is Bogged Down by Antitrust Lawsuits

The Adani bombshell

Cloud war is just starting

Apple Dives into The AR & VR Market

Cloud war is just starting

Sequoia’s belated lesson

Amazon Is Betting Big On Air Cargo Sector

Sequoia’s belated lesson

Have a drink, the angst is ebbing

The Future of Pest Control is AI Tech

Have a drink, the angst is ebbing

Every rose has its thorn

Every rose has its thorn

Calibri > Times New Roman

Tatas vs the rest

Indian Govt Wants To Call The Shots On Fake News

Truth or dare?

BYJU’S to keep respectable distance

Are AI Generative Tools Replacing Humans?

BYJU’S to keep respectable distance

IIM-A Downvotes Kumar Birla

Sony Is Riding The Nostalgia Wave

IIM-A Downvotes Kumar Birla

Apple’s Aatmanirbhar ambition

Coming Soon: A Bidding War For Women's IPL

Apple’s Aatmanirbhar ambition

Sachet banking in digital India

Sachet banking in digital India

The musical chairs in Indian cricket kit sponsorship

Subway wants more than its daily bread

Why Is Subway Up For Sale?

Subway wants more than its daily bread

Android may never be the same

‘RRR’ Deserves its Golden Globes Moment

Android may never be the same

A steamroller named Microsoft

Why Tech Startups Are Back-Pedalling on Cricket Sponsorships

A steamroller named Microsoft

Red flag for India’s green plans

Joshimath – The Chronicles of a Disaster Foretold

Red flag for India’s green plans

Samsung’s home run

Cristiano Ronaldo: Saudi Arabia’s latest sportswashing project

Why CricHeroes is a gamechanger

We're hitting refresh

Paytm boss has a problem

Paytm boss has a problem

An Apple for The Indian Market

Paytm boss has a problem

We're hitting refresh

Why CricHeroes is a gamechanger

Cristiano Ronaldo: Saudi Arabia’s latest sportswashing project

Samsung’s home run

TikTok Wins Over Teens But Not the US Government

Game over for Microsoft-Activision?

India no bar for Mars

It’s not working for WeWork

Indian airports are Terminally ill

Murthy's musings

After F1, Netflix looks to ace tennis

BYJU'S can’t pay its bills

Our best longreads of 2022

Google's India pitch

Binance is gasping

The virus is back

2022: the year of sportswashing

Google’s existential crisis

Holiday note

2023: For you, us, and the world

The chaos in our timelines

2022: The Year Crypto Collapsed

A world without precedent

2022: The year that swam against the stream

The Great Wall of AI

The Big Bing Theory

The Signal Daily is 300 episodes strong!

IMF cancels 2023

The Big Bing Theory

2023 May Have Many More EV Cabs

New Post Jan 4

The Great Wall of AI

India’s Online Gaming Industry Gotta Play By New Rules

The Signal Daily is 300 episodes strong!

Corporate Travel is Making a Comeback