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2022: The year that swam against the stream

A world without precedent

The chaos in our timelines

2022: The Year Crypto Collapsed

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2023: For you, us, and the world

2022: the year of sportswashing

Google’s existential crisis

The virus is back

Binance is gasping

Google's India pitch

BYJU'S can’t pay its bills

Our best longreads of 2022

After F1, Netflix looks to ace tennis

Murthy's musings

It’s not working for WeWork

Indian airports are Terminally ill

India no bar for Mars

Game over for Microsoft-Activision?

What makes a city 24x7?

Why Virat Kohli ditched Fire-Boltt for Noise

SoftBank going into a hard shell

Periods aren’t cramping Dabur’s style

It’s a bot time

Kotak wants a slice of the forbidden pie

India suffers biggest medical data heist

YouTube Vs Instagram, short in India

Why PSG, Manchester United, Liverpool are all looking for investors

Hospital deal has a stroke

Who moved my butter?

Xiaomi comes undone by India’s great wall

Air India is a metro hopper

The ground shifts beneath Xi’s feet

A merger that went south

JioCinema fails the FIFA World Cup test. Next up: IPL

Bisleri says hello to Tata

United they fall

India’s crypto switch

Bob in, Bob out

The Musk & Trump show

The making of an international juggeRRRnaut

How sponsors are tiptoeing around the controversial Qatar World Cup


Didn’t see that coming

Headless Meta in limbo

Airfares'll stay up awhile

Crypto’s Enron moment

Enabling the differently abled

Netflix’s flirtation with live sports and Disney’s tough balancing act

Can Mumbai become the next Bengaluru?

Disney’s post-IPL reality check

YouTube will soon short your TVs

K-12 won’t save edtech

No longer a working class Hero

Has Amartya Sen lost the debate?

The murky concoction of NFTs and fantasy sports

Aditya Birla Group’s bling theory

YouTube enters its Prime phase

Snap jumps on the Bharat bandwagon

Twitter has tick fever

Amazon-1, Google-0

JPMorgan Chase is in the midst of a corporate drama

The BCCI’s crucial first step towards equal pay

How’s Meta doing? Worse.

Catching up with Sunak, Biden and Xi

Credit Suisse's multiple failings

India’s sports betting whack-a-mole

Truss, Xi to hog the weekend

Jio dethrones BSNL

Parle wants an upgrade

Adani’s jumbo-sized airport ambitions

Ultrafast delivery aged like milk

Future perfect

Disney Star’s cricket moat to quell Viacom18 charge

Indian toffee is in a sticky situation

Bira goes pub hopping

Spam has new address

The Playbook is here!

Delhi isn’t calling it a night

The metaverse is flopping

Will Masayoshi Son make a comeback?

Musk's umpteenth U-turn

China halts, Japan vaults

Bigger fatter Indian weddings are here

Apple and Google are counting cars

Lanka on life support

US defeats Russia in key UN battle

Honey, our savings have shrunk

EV financiers get a helmet

Flushing out Gameskraft

Tata recasting steel

How do you fix India's electric dreams, anyway?

Double-Job trouble

Google’s choice

Adani lays concrete plans

Aadhaar gets a security patch

Nightmare for investors

Rigs in the boondocks

Darjeeling tea is in hot water

The casual bravado of Byju Raveendran

Twitter wants Musk to buy it

Tata wants a sip of Bisleri

YouTube is on a learning curve

A decadent indulgence

Social media influencers should worry

Big Tech sinks Biden’s bill

Foreign honchos are talking up India

Tata Neu has a Nano hangover

Brand endorsements are going south

Cracked farms and bent forks

Coffee star bucks up

Hardik Pandya has forgotten Koffee

The Ambani plan

CoWIN is Aadhaar++

How a fast-growing sport found itself in a pickle in India

Leisure is in a rut

Apple’s Jack Welch handshake

Musk was right. Twitter stinks

We are funded!

Zomato Pro goes off the menu

Paytm boss gets a jolt

Netflix has its game face on

Bollywood goes bust

Disgraced WeWork founder is in full Flow

RIP, Rakesh Jhunjhunwala

What's in a name?

Samsung’s iPhone scorcher

SoftBank pulls a one-eighty

Tesla, the data hoarder

Who owns WazirX?

The eagle-dragon face-off

The rot inside Apple

CEOs break up with Tinder

TikTok proposes, world disposes

‘Eternal’ Zomato

JP Morgan, travel agent

The data shadow covering India

Jio goes for the jugular

SoftBank’s succession saga

Paytm declares sponsorship innings

Social media’s underage problem

Broke Barça is spending wild

A tale of two valleys

Move over data. Music is the new oil

Whistle Podu goes global

Netflix pulls a Disney

WWE content on the ropes

Bollywood loses its OTT cushion

The curious case of NeoLacta Lifesciences

Much ado about Nothing

Mercedes is a loan wolf

India to be most packed next year

Byju’s phantom investors

Elon pulls out

The coffee life

Amazon’s hunger games

Ikea's India dilemma

Bengaluru is unlivable

Cloud’s not raining for Azure

Oops, we did it: TikTok

Wading into a row

Wikipedia wants to rein in Big Tech freeloaders

Byju's hiccup-ridden spree

VCs are hungry for samosas

Surat's diamonds lost in war

Ola shuts two businesses

Why the arrival of African cheetahs to India is worrisome

Twitter, threader, blogger app

Look before laying off

Dark Cloud hangs over Alibaba India

Air India gets jet set

TikTok changes its tune

Talking stock

Airfares go full throttle

5G springs into auction

Sequoia’s gift for India

Rice cooks up a storm

IPL’s five billion dollar moment

The Great Indian Edtech Reckoning

Spotify bets on the pod

ITC is lit

Hush at Clubhouse

India's Gulf bar

Google’s smirch engine

Guns and the men

Sheryl has left

Meet Musk the tyrant

Infy scion’s gilded Rolodex

The mangoes are gone

Aadhaar warning stumps public

The Tokyo plan

TikTok's itch to be Twitch

Apple plays Meta tag

Netflix goes South

Summer quaffs India's brew

Apple takes a bite of India

India’s cold chain faces the heat

Metaverse MBA goes kaput

Not a safe period

The Musk-Twitter 💩 show

Adani’s concrete move

Musk free speech strikes Twitter

China has the port, India has the hearts

Terra should've listened to Mark Cuban

Drinks all around for economy

Global meltdown

Govt cooks a crypto killer

Modi’s glocal problem

Burning livelihoods

Fat cats fund Musk's raid

Data aborts privacy

SRK takes guard on US pitch

Beijing is bleeding

Modi’s dilemma

Indians are mooching on OTT services

Reliance’s $1 billion bet

Hatching Twitter again

Musk pockets Twitter

Streaming trickles out

Will ‘Russia’s Google’ turn into ‘Russia’s Tencent’?

Tata’s homecoming

Twitter board games

Economy on a high wire

Seeing through Sequoia

WhatsApp doesn’t learn

Lenskart wants to be Luxottica

Antibiotic subscriptions are here

Twitter mutes Musk

Musk logs on to Twitter

DAOs Are Coming For The Movies

Could India get caught in sanctions?

Paytm boss makes a vow

Musk boards Twitter

Singapore co gets proxy sanctioned

Northstar leads Softbank south

India’s forests go up in flames

Sri Lanka on life support

Hollywood basks in TikTok’s stardust

Apple’s historic first

PVR + INOX = single screen

Meet India's attention merchants

Analjit Singh maxes out on private ventures

Paytm has a great fall

Zomato counts to ten for Instant replay

Reliance laces up for knicker wars

Omicron 2.0 cuts loose

Tata says hello to UPI

Zomato 🤝 Blinkit

Covid grips China again

Russian culture is getting cancelled

The Internet is not breaking up

Russia war triggers global arms race

War spurs return to coal

Tiger turns angel to bankroll cubs

China checks into the Ukraine crisis

Russia’s own internet is (almost) here

Making Sense of Solana

Putin's two-week war plan

Ambani vs Birla

The virus refuses to go away

Crypto finds a use case in Ukraine

Putin plays the nuclear card

NSE’s House Of Cards

Putin fulfils his war lust

Why Ukraine matters

Putin’s BFF makes a comeback

The winter is coming for tech IPOs

IndiGo is Rahul Bhatia’s

The metaverse has a Clubhouse problem

Crypto gets a bad rep (again)

Are you travelling anytime soon? ✈️

RBI is not a fan of crypto

Your sneakers might not arrive

A shipyard’s wild bank run

The many misses of Shark Tank India

Microsoft just wants to be loved

Reliance has lending dreams

The funding glut continues 💰

Celebrities 🤝 NFTs

Amazon unearths new billions

Westland was a bubble waiting to burst

Facebook may have peaked

The Metaverse is not safe

Surprise tax blue-ticks tokens

Smartwatches find their fit

Spotify in a spot

How Netflix is bungling India

Meta calls time on token play

Reliance has makeup on its mind

Sharks are circling boardrooms

Are you buying the dip?

Bitcoin’s quest to become the gold standard

Instagram 🤝 OnlyFans

Planes are grounded

Microsoft changes the game

UK wages war on encryption

Omicron holds court

A test in California

India’s leg-up for Instagram

Edtech’s feint

Yolo folks are out to shop

Why work? Just Chill

Deltacron is here

Brace for the terrible 2

Covid rages

Sony takes the wheel

Covid third wave hits India

Tesla rocks

Omicron may not be the real worry